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Cisco Preferred Solution 

To truly simplify IT in post-virtualization data centers, the “data problem” must be addressed. That means performance, capacity, mobility, manageability, and protection of data are ensured without driving up CAPEX and OPEX. This requires a new data architecture—one that takes a VM-centric approach, ensures adequate IOPS to fuel application requirements, and drives dramatic efficiency.

SimpliVity’s Data Virtualization Platform delivered on hyperconverged infrastructure simplifies IT and operations, and uniquely enables data mobility and efficiency. SimpliVity reduces IOPS, capacity and bandwidth requirements, and provides native data protection, eliminating additional hardware and tools—resulting in a 300% TCO savings.



OmniStack with Cisco Unified Computing System

SimpliVity’s OmniStack is the industry’s first and only globally-federated and hyperconverged solution that supports Cisco Unified Computing Systems. Designed and optimized for the virtual environment, each OmniStack solution delivers server, storage, and networking services, as well as dramatic improvements to the management, protection, and performance of virtualized workloads—all at a fraction of the cost and extreme reduction in complexity compared to today’s traditional infrastructure technologies.

Solution to Every IT Challenges


Accelerate Application Performance

Ensure applications get the resources they require.


Improve Operational Efficiency

Deploy in minutes, not months. Save on training and maintenance.


Improve RPOs and RTOs

Eliminate the need for add-on backup and replication software and hardware.

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Increase Value to the Business

Reduce the cost of running the business, to fund innovating the business.

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Use Cases

Through infrastructure consolidation, increased effectiveness of both physical and human resources, and decreased complexity, SimpliVity with Cisco UCS solutions help organizations take on the challenges of maximizing efficiency to reduce costs and simplify IT. OmniStack with Cisco UCS enables you to address the following business challenges and use cases:

  • All-in-one IT modernization projects for broad sets of applications including mission-critical applications
  • Data center consolidation
  • Multi-site central management projects
  • Backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity projects
  • Data migration, as well as merger and acquisition projects
  • Development, test, and QA projects
  • Remote/branch office and multi-site management
  • Technology refresh projects
  • Public, private, hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • and more..